Easy and fast: Pre-Shipment Chinese border approval.


CAIQTEST WANA offers exporters in WANA Countries the opportunity to have goods tested prior to shipment, to a standard accepted by the CIQ Chinese Inspection and Quarantine.

Through CAIQTEST WANA, exporters are able to send the samples of products tested to the standards expected by the CIQ Chinese Inspection and Quarantine prior to the shipment to eliminate the risk of failure at Chinese Customs and a faster customs clearance process in China by ensuring their goods to meet Chinese standards before they are sent.

Chinese Academy of Inspection and Quarantine Comprehensive Test Center (CAIQTEST) was established in 2010. It is approved by the China State Establishment Registration Administration and is organized by the CAIQ China Academy of Inspection and Quarantine. It is also a third-party testing organization that integrates testing, training, registration and other services.

CAIQTEST WANA Chinese Academy of Inspection and Quarantine Test Center West Asia and North Africa started to operate in February 2021 after CAIQTEST Pacific, CAIQTEST Korea and CAIQTEST Malaysia as the 4th of the International CAIQTEST Centers. Located in Istanbul Turkey, CAIQTEST WANA is giving service to Turkey and 26 other Countries in the region.


Countries covered by the CAIQTEST WANA

1. Algeria 2. Armenia, 3. Azerbaijan, 4. Bahrain, 5. Cyprus, 6. Egypt, 7.Georgia, 8. Iran, 9. Iraq, 10. Israel, 11. Jordan, 12. Kuwait, 13. Lebanon, 14. Libya, 15. Mauritania, 16. Morocco, 17. Oman, 18. Palestine, 19. Qatar, 20. Saudi Arabia, 21. South Sudan, 22. Sudan, 23. Syria,         24. Tunisia, 25.Turkey, 26. UAE (United Arab Emirates), 27.Yemen

CAIQTEST WANA will provide the necessary business environment to increase the Turkish and WANA Countries exporters to China by making the inspection and testing procedures easy, accurate and reliable for the benefit of all Countries.

-Listening demands of WANA Countries’ exporters by being on frontline,

-Providing excellent service with smart technology for exporters,

-Collecting and using –big smart data- and huge experience of Chinese and WANA Countries’ markets,

-Will bring a system and order to the “marketing to China issues” in these WANA Countries.


Main tasks of CAIQTEST WANA:

1-By accrediting laboratories within Turkey and 26 WANA Countries tailored to carry out all the testing activities required by CAIQTEST officials.

2-By sending samples for testing to CAIQTEST China where the relevant tests cannot be performed by CAIQTEST WANA.

3- Providing traceable services for domestic and foreign food, agricultural products and daily chemical products.

3- By organizing all necessary marketing activities and maintain relationship with existing or potential companies in Turkey and in 26 West Asian-North African countries who want to export to China to fulfill Chinese export safety requirements; by providing testing certifications prior to the shipment of goods.

4- Conducting on domestic sub-contractor relations to provide extensive testing services over a broad scope.